Temples are not just for worshipping. It must act as the cultural centre for the society around. In order to facilitate proper guidance to all especially the children and youth with spiritual & scientific knowledge, a library and Patasala is set up at Thiruvumplavil Temple Premises.

Inaguration of Grandha sala & Patasala was done by Sanscrit Scholar Brahmasree D.Sreeman Namboothiri on 21st October 2007.

Lot of books on Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and books on Indian cultural heritage are available at Vedavyasa Grandhasala for reference. Sanathana Dharma patasala is conducted every Sunday from 9.30AM to 11AM. First class was taken by Swami Atmaswaroopananda of Sreeramakrishna Ashramam, Vytila on 28th October 2007. Other prominent Acharyas led Patasala classes are Madasseri Haripriya, Brahmasree Dr.K.Unnikrishnan, Brahmasree E.N.V Namboothiri, Brahmasree M.V Sanathanan Namboothiri and so on..