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kerala shiv temples

Temple Customs

Visiting the temple must be with devoted mind, clean body and clean dresses.

The temple pond on the northern side is known as theerthakkulam where the legendary Thirukulambu with Kaashitheertham flows. Devotees can purify themselves by taking bath here and can enter the temple. Facility for pithru tharppanam(Bali Idal) is available all the days. Devotees who come for pithru tharppan should visit the temple only after completion of the pithru tharppan at theerthakkara.

Follow the temple rules and regulations, so that all can comfortably worship the Lord.

Do not enter the temple wearing shirt, baniyan, lungi, chappals etc.

7 days after menstrual periods for ladies are forbidden for temple visit. 

Do not take video camera, mobile phone etc. inside the temple wall.

Immediately after marriage , the couples should not enter the Nalambalam.

Do not spit in the temple premises.

Do not retain babies and children for a long time within the Nalambalam.

The receipt for the remittance for offerings (Vazhipad) can be obtained from the booking counters.
Enter the temple with an absolute sense of devotion.

Offerings and the relevant letters should be sent to 
The Manager, Thiruvumplavil Devaswom
Muvattupuzha - 686661, Kerala. 
Complete information about offerings and full address of the person making the offerings in bold capital letters should be given on the money order coupon or covering letter of DD.

Facility for Pithru Tharppanam is made available all days during temple timings at the Theerthakkara at the north side of the temple where the holy water(Kashitheertham) flows through the Thirukulambu.

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latest News

    Payments towards Vazhipadu and donations towards Renovation, Sanathana School of Life etc. can be made in favour of "THIRUVUMPLAVIL DEVASWOM" . Bank account details are given below: Account Number : 50200000269592 Bank & Branch : HDFC Bank, Muvattupuzha IFSC Code : HDFC0001486

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temples in india